Product & UX

2015 • School of Information @ University of California, Berkeley

A suite of design experiments based on the premise that ebooks are garbage and we should start over. What would ebooks look like if they embraced the web instead of hiding from it? 

2016 • Skills & technologies

The perils and possibilities of designing for choice in ebooks, with words so big they don't even fit on this website.

2014 • University of California, Berkeley, School of Information

DataFramer is an interactive tool for exploring and annotating overviews of high-dimensional datasets, inspired by the seminal principles of exploratory data analysis and implemented with flexible web technologies.

2015 • University of California, Berkeley, School of Information

Wordseer started as a research project by a computer science PhD at Berkeley. As a designer and front-end developer, I'm helping it grow into a unique and powerful open-source tool for literary scholarship.

2013 • School of Information @ University of California, Berkeley

My team developed a Quantified Self app for reducing food waste and ushered it from the drawing board to fully functional prototype.

2014 • Skills & technologies

This very site you're looking at runs on an open-source Django app that helps you tell the story of your career in a more holistic way.

2011 • TimesLedger Newspapers

I built this website as the centerpiece of a data journalism project to collect and publish the untold stories of a year’s worth of murder victims in underserved neighborhoods, during a year when the violent crime rate in New York City spiked after years of declining. I used databases and the Google Maps API to give context to the senseless killing that tears apart families and communities.

Data vis

2014 • OpenOakland

A civic hacking project: an explorable diagram that helps citizens understand where the City of Oakland's money comes from, and where it goes.

2014 • University of California, Berkeley, School of Information

An interactive tool for nonlinear storytelling that lets writers visualize their novels in progress.

2014 • University of California, Berkeley, School of Information

Telling a story with data: how the complexity of scoring computation contributed to the ladies' figure skating controvery in Sochi.

2012 • Habitat Magazine

This infographic was a decision-making tool for Habitat's readers, who serve on the boards of housing cooperatives and condominiums in New York City. 


2012 • Newtown Literary

Visual identity, style guide and cover design for a startup New York literary journal.

2012 • Skills: Design

Twice now have I descended into the harrowing world of papercrafts. I designed and printed two sets of wedding invitations. Both marriages remain in effect.

2011 • TimesLedger Newspapers

In four years as an editor at the TimesLedger Newspapers in Queens, New York, I did a lot of design work, on our showcase spreads and our website.