Custom wedding website

Custom wedding website

2010 • Skills: Design

After my wife and I got engaged on New Year’s Eve 2009, I designed a site for us in Fireworks, coded it into a WordPress theme and added various JavaScript, PHP and CSS customizations to make it do everything we needed it to. This allowed us both to easily update it with new information, widgets, videos, links and assorted fun stuff. I also acquired hosting and domain registration in the course of this project.

wedding site

The site I created to keep our wedding guests informed and give them a glimpse of our style and personality (or lack thereof).

image rollovers

I created rollovers in Fireworks to highlight our names and make our Wii-style avatars blush.

faux polaroids

For the wedding party pages, I created faux Polaroids in Photoshop and used custom CSS to arrange them on the page.

wedding party graphics

The wedding party graphics were reused in different ways as design elements.

random image rotation

I used PHP to randomly select a photo for the upper-right corner on every new page load, because I thought an animated JavaScript rotator would be too obtrusive and distracting.

password protection

I coded a basic password gateway in PHP that was integrated into the design of the site while keeping the content private to guests.

custom wordpress theme

I turned my graphics and PHP coding into a custom WordPress theme to better integrate it into the CMS. Now <em>that's</em> love.