Habitat for iPad

Habitat for iPad

2013 • Habitat Magazine

As digital and managing editor at Habitat magazine, I planned and executed the launch and production of two monthly tablet publications, created with Adobe InDesign, HTML5 and the Mag+ digital publishing platform. I researched nearly a dozen platform options, including both web and native app solutions, before recommending Mag+ as the best fit in terms of our goals, technical capabilities, workflow and budget.


One of the biggest problems in tablet publishing platforms was a lack of consistent interface conventions and usability standards. Much of the design language is still bound by a small-minded adherence to the conventions of print publishing. One of the first things I did with Habitat was to develop a system of interactive overlays with the native "popup" feature in Mag+ to dynamically incorporate footnotes and asides into articles.

designing for multiple orientations

One of the trickiest, but also most powerful, things about Mag+ was that the a single InDesign layout needed to support both tablet orientations (before this action was built into later releases of InDesign). A great deal of creative thinking (and trial and error) was required to make our designs work.

a playable HTML5 game

One of the more complicated interactive features I built was when I converted a sidebar that compared the co-op admissions process to "a game" into an actual playable (albeit maybe not super-fun) HTML5 game.