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Making software that helps people succeed at useful and important work. Pursuing mastery of my craft while engaging deeply with the products I create. Supporting openness, diversity, and inclusion in the tech industry through advocacy and practice.

Skills & technologies

Languages I develop in: JavaScript, Python

Tech I know well: React, D3, Django, Vue

Tech I know a bit: Apollo GraphQL, Postgres, Docker, Webpack, Jest, Sketch, Pandas, Mongo, Redis

Domains of interest: Data visualization, object-oriented programming, generative user research, automated testing, UX

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Frontend engineer
Recidiviz • San Francisco, CA • 2020 – present

As the first full-time frontend developer at technical nonprofit Recidiviz, which works with criminal justice agencies to leverage granular, real-time data to address recidivism and improve outcomes, I am helping to build out their data platform and data visualization tools.

def recently( ):

Cultivating breadth and depth as a technologist in the areas of software development, data visualization, user research, product design, user experience, and data analysis.

Data visualization engineer
SurveyMonkey • San Mateo, CA • 2019

As the company's first dedicated dataviz engineer, I worked with a small team to conceive, propose, and build dataviz features for both specialized customer use cases and general audiences. Our projects included a novel chart type for a new product tailored to market research, a prototype interface for rich multidimensional exploration of survey data, and a new visualization for star rating data. In addition to web application development, this role involved deep collaboration with designers, research into dataviz best practices, and promotion of new approaches to dataviz within the company.

Senior software engineer
Comfy • Oakland, CA • 2015 – 2019

As a full-stack generalist on a small team, I worked on nearly every part of the product, from interface to infrastructure. My most significant projects were in internal tooling, leading efforts to build new applications we used to integrate our product with third-party building management systems and conduct ongoing monitoring of those integrations. I also helped design and build customer-facing dashboards, conducted user needs assessments and contexual research; served as an engineering team leader; spearheaded new hiring practices that placed equal emphasis on assessments of technical skill, team dynamics, and cultural values; mentored junior engineers; and supported efforts to make Comfy a corporate charter member of the TechEquity Collaborative.

Project lead, designer, & developer
OpenOakland • Oakland, CA • 2014 – 2018

Volunteering as a technical contributor, and eventually as project leader, for the OpenBudget project, I designed and built new data exploration features in an effort to make Oakland's city budget data more accessible to its citizens. Mayor Libby Schaaf highlighted our work during her keynote at the 2016 Code for America Summit, and in 2017, the city, inspired in part by our work, added a set of budget exploration tools to its own website.

Student, Master of Information Management & Systems program
University of California, Berkeley, School of Information • Berkeley, CA • 2013 – 2015

Drawing on my previous career in media, I focused on digital publishing, textual analysis, and data visualization during my interdisciplinary master's studies as an I School Fellow, including a team capstone project that explored alternative wayfinding UIs for ebooks. With Prof. Bob Glushko, I was a contributing author for The Discipline of Organizing, an essential core text for information science programs. With Prof. Marti Hearst, I led the design and development for a new version of Wordseer, an open-source tool for deep textual analysis, and contributed to the creation and qualitative assessment of a tool for exploratory data analysis on a PhD-student-led research team of three.

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Before grad school, I earned a bachelor's degree from Vassar College in 2004 and spent nine years working in journalism and publishing, developing foundational skills and perspectives in communication, interviewing, and understanding complex systems.

Digital and managing editor
Habitat Magazine • New York, NY • 2011 – 2013

Managing editor
TimesLedger Newspapers • Queens, NY • 2007 – 2011

Proofreader and copyeditor
Metroproof • New York, NY • 2006 – 2007

General-assignment reporter
The Weekly Beat • Poughkeepsie, NY • 2004 – 2005